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The Amanda Bynes plastic surgery meltdown story

Amanda Bynes’ plastic surgery meltdown took place during the summer of 2014. In fact, she proudly shared before and after photos of her shocking breast implants and weird (and unnecessary) nose job. Remember Amanda’s Show? Oh I loved it so much and I miss it. Unlike most Hollywood celebrities who deny plastic surgery procedures, Bynes has actually declared her love for plastic surgery.

Amanda Bynes boob job

Amanda Bynes on Twitter

Apparently Twitter is the way she likes comfortable speaking her mind, since through this via she declared getting a nose job and loving surgery:

“My Surgeon Broke My Nose During My Surgery But Hasn’t Finished My Nose! It’s Still Broken And I Can’t Breathe!”— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) July 9, 2013
“I Need To Have Surgery To Look Beautiful For The Man I’m In Love With So I Feel Comfortable With The Way I Look When We Get Married.” – Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) July 3, 2013

amanda bynes tweets

Amanda Bynes before and after boob job

On 2013 she had a boob job that enabled her to go from cup B to cup C.
However, after some time she got her breast implants removed again: “I got my breast implants removed,” she told Radar Online via e-mail. “They were uncomfortable…I prefer them out”, Bynes added. Later on she went back to cup A to achieve a more natural look.

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery

Her boobs just look clunky and unnatural now. It was so unnecessary to get those…

Amanda Bynes nose job

Here she is before getting breast implants look happy, healthy and vibrant. I guess stardom just got to her which led to a meltdown. It was just so unexpected from her because she was always to funny and together.

Amanda Bynes breast implants

“She’s become addicted to the confidence each surgery gives her… She bemoaned that she she stopped working because she was so vain that she didn’t like how her nose was looking on camera”, a source revealed.

Amanda Bynes boob job

Did Amanda Bynes get a nose job?

Later on June of the same year, Bynes underwent a nose job for the first time and besides ensuring she still needed another operation, she promised her followers on twitter to publish a video with images of the intervention. Hairspray star has also admitted that her nose is just the beginning of its transformation. According to her, the reason why she went under the knife was to start a new chapter in her career and do music.

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery

After undergoing plastic surgery to correct an excess of skin hanging between her eyes, the actress took the opportunity to reveal her fascination with plastic surgery. “I Love Surgery,” she wrote back then, “I Plan On Having Surgery On My Whole Face Straight Up”, she tweeted for the second time.

More recently, there are rumors that Amanda Bynes had an eye lift since her eye brows appear to be in changed position, and there are also opinions regarding her thinner cheeks.

Let the madness stop!

Amanda Bynes before after

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