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Ariana Grande Before And After Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Boob Job, Lips & Eye Lift


As a famous diva, plastic surgery speculation is inevitable for Ariana Grande. These before and after pictures are focused on her alleged nose job, boob job, lips (lip injections) and eyes (eye lift).

Did Ariana Grande get a nose job?

This old photo shows how the bridge of her nose used to look slightly wider. Also, the tip of her nose looked more ball shaped and bulbous. Her plastic surgery would have been extremely subtle and truly sensational if it indeed happened.

Ariana Grande nose job

The difference here could just be due to lighting. Regardless, her nose looks smaller in the after picture.

Ariana Grande nose job

Here’s a profile picture that shows Ariana Grande’s nose from the side. While it’s not conclusive that she got a nose job, it’s worth asking the question. As a super diva, it should be almost assumed that she’s gotten plastic surgery, and if so, it’s really no big deal. I think it came out great!

Ariana Grande plastic surgery


  1. She has done the eye lift and the nose job! I don’t think she has done the others…

    • Well half her face is actually plastic so…

    • She has bot plastic surgery. Look at here new pics where she is sick and without makeup after the Grammy. This is just a site where they wanna make Celebs “look bad”

  2. I dont think she got a boob job or lip injections, but i noticed her chin and jaw looks different so she mightve had some jaw shaving done and she got some sort of procedure to not have dimples anymore because over time they have disappeared

  3. Eyes, lips, and nose, it looks like. She was so much prettier before she went all fake.

  4. She’s vegan and she has lost a lot of weight, so that’s probably why she looks very different.

  5. Oh my gosh… The last time I’Ve seen Ariana Grande was a couple of years ago on television. She’s really has talent and when it comes to singing… Oh man… That Girl could sing!! Couple years later one night I was just changing the channels on my tv. Heard and saw a very pretty girl with the voice that sounds just like Adriana Grande. Get this…. It was Adriana Grande!! She looks so different now. Sexy!! Before Adriana was shy and looks innocent. She looks great and just growing up. WoW!!! Your my singer Adriana and the people who gave her surgery did a REAL GOOD JOB!! I give you all a 10!!

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