Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery, Weight Loss, Boob Job & Nose Job


Christina Aguilera plastic surgery rumors include a boob job, nose job and Botox. Before and after photos show her dramatic weight loss has well. This article will cover all of these topics!

Has Christina Aguilera gotten plastic surgery yet again?

When Christina Aguilera attended an event back in August of 2015, the changes were noticeable in her face. Hollywood Life contacted a few experts in cosmetic surgery to determine if the procedure was performed in the singer:

“Christina definitely looks a few pounds heavier in the more recent picture which could explain the additional fullness in the cheeks and jawline”, said Dr. Mark Yousseff Younique expert in cosmetic surgery.”

The difference in her cheeks lead me to believe that she got Botox injections.

Christina Aguilera before and after

Another explanation for the changes in facial shape and contour could be dermal fillers. They are a clear gel filler that is injected deep beneath the skin. They lift and volumize the cheek and jawline area to give a more youthful look”, he added.

He also warned celebrities to do not overdo the use of this procedure, as it may look unnatural if done in excess. They could definitely be filled, but the rumors that she had plastic surgery are understandable, since it is not the first time she went under the knife for this reason.

Christina Aguilera weight loss

Has Christina Aguilera gotten a nose job?

Dr. Lyle Back-certified plastic surgeon in the Philadelphia area said that Christina Aguilera definitely got plastic surgery to improve her previous nose job.

“Her previous nasal surgery was way overdone and her nose was nearly whittled away”, Dr. Back said. “She’s had another re-do rhinoplasty, but this was done very well”, he mentioned. He added that recent changes in her face are beautiful but also added that the singer of “Say Something” exaggerated a little in her cheeks: “These are beautiful, significant improvements. But then she went too far with the filling of the cheeks”, he said.

Christina Aguilera nose job

Did Christina Aguilera get a boob job?

Daily Mail reported that Christina Aguilera had breast implants after seeing a scar in the armpit.

“The small line could be the result of transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation- a technique of breast augmentation where implants are placed through an incision in the armpit,” reported the magazine.

Christina Aguilera boob job 2

Christina Aguilera breast implants

Experts in plastic surgery said that this is a popular method, especially for those people who do not want scars on their breasts. However, other experts disagree that the scar is located in the right place.

“The scar for the procedure is in the right area, but the orientation of the scar is incorrect. The right place for the scar of what is known as a trans-axillary approach for a breast augmentation should be in the armpit crease, not perpendicular to it, to hide it better”, said Dr. Steve Fallek, board-certified Manhattan plastic surgeon.

Christina Aguilera boob job 2

Christina Aguilera butt implants and weight loss

It can also be argued that the differences are because she gained weight.

Not only her breasts are bigger and more rounded now, but also her butt. It seems like the blonde bombshell got butt implants as well.

“I suspect that she may have had buttock enhancement via a Brazilian Butt Lift, where fat is injected into the behind to enhance it. Overall though, she looks great”, Dr Anthony Youn said.

Christina Aguilera weight loss

Christina Aguilera before and after weight loss


We know for a fact that Christina Aguilera has gotten a nose job as well as a boob job. She may have gotten butt implants and most likely had Botox injections. This celebrity definitely isn’t afraid of needles or knives!

Christina Aguilera plastic surgery

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