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Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery Before And After Boob Job, Lips & Botox


Did Courtney Stodden get a boob job?

Courtney Stodden was no more than a B cup before breast implants, but now she’s listed at a whopping DD! She’s totally jetting her boobs out in this before and after picture too. It literally looks like she aged 20 years in the span of two.

Here’s what Courtney Stodden’s mom had to say about her decision on getting a boob job,

“When Courtney told me she wanted to get implants, I didn’t approve at first. But she is 18 now and it was her decision, so I support her completely.”

Courtney Stodden breast implants

It looks like she sticks her boobs out in every picture!

Courtney Stodden boob job

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