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Has Jennifer Lawrence gotten plastic surgery?

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has claimed that doesn’t need plastic surgery to get different roles in Hollywood. It’s believed that she’s gotten a boob job (32C bra size) and nose job though. She was quoted saying this, “You look how you look. Be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry all day to make people happy? That’s just dumb.” Do you believe her?

Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery

Jennifer Lawrence before and after weight loss

Over the past years we have seen that the actress has changed slightly her appearance, like many celebrities before her. It can be observed how she had a noticeable weight loss recently, getting as a result a more angular and defined face. This might be one of the factors of why Jennifer Lawrence has been pointed out as being an hypocrite for saying that she would not change her appearance to please others while she has lost weight and probably gone under the knife.

Jennifer Lawrence before and after

This before and after picture shows Jennifer Lawrence without any makeup on! Pretty big difference huh?

Jennifer Lawrence before and after

Did she get a nose job?

The recently Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, has been accused of having a nose job after some pictures of her taken in 2008 as she walked the red carpet in Venice at the photo call of her film “The Burning Plain” started to gain attention on the web.

Jennifer Lawrence nose job

To see why suspicions arose , we made a comparison of Jennifer Lawrence before and after the alleged nose job. On the left is the image mentioned above and to the right a photograph of the actress, taken in 2012 at the People ‘s Choice awards. The biggest difference we can see is in her nostrils and the tip of her nose , which now looks smaller and less rounded.

The star’s nose job even made it to TV. Comedian “the queen of plastic surgery”, Joan Rivers made fun of Lawrence’s nose job. Joan Rivers said in her show: “She doesn’t have a nose, she has two holes”. Ironically, she passed away while under the knife on her last plastic surgery.

There are some rumors that Hunger Games star had her eyes lifted and also chose to use cosmetic procedures on her lips to make them fuller.

Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery

She may have gotten a boob job

In addition, her breasts have also become a questionable topic. While her breasts may look larger, they actually look quite real. Also, her 32C bra size is totally normal for a girl with a height of 5’9. If they are fake, please let us know who was the surgeon because he did a great job! Above is a before and after picture to help you

Jennifer Lawrence boob job

Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery

What do you think? Did Jennifer Lawrence had plastic surgery on her face or is the change due to a make up trick or lighting?

Jennifer Lawrence boob job

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