Kate Upton Boob Job & Bra Size After Plastic Surgery


Has Kate Upton Gotten a boob job?

One look at Kate Upton and you probably assume she’s gotten breast implants. After all, her 34D bra size raises obvious plastic surgery questions. Just like so many other stars though, Kate Upton firmly denies ever getting plastic surgery. Her chest looks natural (We’ll give her that), but it’s just too big for her body frame and how thin she is. Also, sometimes when one of her boobs get scrunched, it actually looks like there’s an implant in there.

This before and after picture shows Kate Upton as a senior in high school and around age 20/21. Either she still had a cup to two cups of maturing after high school, or she got a boob job. You be the judge.

Kate Upton boob job

Kate Upton actually looks flat chested in the before picture. The loose fitting dress definitely isn’t adding to her cleavage though.

Kate Upton bra size

There’s a noticeable difference in her bra size

OK, her bra size looks much bigger in the after picture. If she did get a boob job then it was done incredibly well. The result has the WOW factor, yet her chest still look all natural. Plastic surgery or not though, she looks great and has built a successful career based on her looks, so she’s clearly doing something right.

Kate Upton breast implants

Her boobs actually look a little unnatural in the after picture. That’s the look I was talking about when the it looks like a saline implant is being scrunched up against the walls of the boobs. It definitely has the look of someone who’s had breast implants

Kate Upton plastic surgery

So, has Kate Upton had plastic surgery? We can’t say for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

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