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Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose job


Kendall Jenner’s nose is definitely more jagged now

This photo shows a definite difference in the shape and contour of Kendall Jenner’s nose! See how it used to be wide and smooth? Judging from recent photos, it definitely looks like a plastic surgeon sculpted the bridge of her nose. While her nose used to be smooth, the bone is slightly jagged in the bridge and around the sides now.

Kendall Jenner plastic surgery


  1. Yes, she’s been tweaked, shaved down here and there but nothing drastic like her sisters because let’s face it, once you go there, denying it is useless. Like Marilyn Monroe she will probably deny it all her life but her autopsy will reveal the truth. Typical Hollywood! That’s why their bio kids look nothing like them ir shall I say the new them.

  2. You are showing 2 completely different angles. If you want to show a difference you have to show the same angle.

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