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Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery Before & After Nose Job Facelift Boob Job


Kris Jenner, the plastic surgery mom of Hollywood!

Kris Jenner is the plastic surgery mom of Hollywood! She alone has gotten a nose job, facelift, Botox injections and a boob job. Her kids and former husband though have gotten just about every procedure in the book. Her Daughter Kylie Jenner allegedly got a nose job, lip injections and butt implants all at age 17 for crying out loud! Since she was a minor at the time, Kris would have had to of signed off on these procedures. Plastic surgery is seen as an investment in that family though – except in the case of Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner. This article is intended to focus on Kris Jenner’s plastic surgery history though, so let’s begin!

Did Kris Jenner get a nose job?

Kris Jenner most likely got a nose job – it’s not for sure though. Before and after pictures show that her used to actually look better. Now there’s a divot and jaggedness in the bridge of her nose. It’s almost as if she had a self-image problem and felt compelled to get plastic surgery just so “in her mind” she would look better. Sometimes you have to appreciate what you have. Honestly, she had a flawless nose before getting a rhinoplasty.

Kris Jenner nose job

Again, you can see how the bridge looks almost completely collapsed after Kris Jenner’s nose job. It’s possible that her nose warped over time and didn’t look like that at first. Sometimes a nose job can look good at first, but then the cartilage will warp.

Kris Jenner plastic surgery

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