Lindsay Lohan Before and After Plastic Surgery Boob Job Bra Size Botox


Lindsay Lohan before and after plastic surgery

The image below shows the shocking transformation of Lindsay Lohan before and after plastic surgery. Botox, drugs, a boob job, and more totally transformed this star…

Remember those adorable twins from “The Parent Trap”? Well, they are starred by only one actress and it’s Lindsay Lohan. Where did those freckles go? As time went by, she got to star Mean Girls. During her belle époque, all brands wanted her image and face, which projected a positive image.

Lindsay Lohan before and after

So what happened to her? Sure people change over the years, but we might have pictured Lohan a little bit different from what she looks like today.
At the beginning of her career, many expected that the curse of children superstars who later become a disaster would reach her. It was until 2007 when things started to fall apart for her. She was convicted for drug abuse. However, drugs were not her only addiction. What began as genuine plastic surgeries, ended up in a terrible addiction to plastic surgery.

Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery addiction

Lindsay Lohan before and after

Lindsay Lohan began with a boob job and lip injections, but her face looks more inflated every time. That is because of Botox – remember she is not even 30 years old yet!
The first time it was rumored that Lohan used plastic surgery was when she got a boob job. It didn’t look bad on her. Until then, her image was still adorable. In her GQ magazine interview she insists her breasts are natural: “I like my body and my breasts. And no, they’re not fake”, Lohan said. She claimed it to be due to genetics and that her chest developed later at the age of 17. Now her bra size is 32D.

Her boob job made increased her bra size to a 32D

Lindsay Lohan boob job

Later, she decided to leave behind her innocent look and her face got sexier with fuller lips. A subtle lip filling doesn’t hurt anyone.

Lindsay Lohan before and after

Lip injections

However, her lips have now also been affected by abuse surgery, and many attribute it to abusing another substance called Restylane, a treatment to fill lips.

Lindsay Lohan before and after

But then, it was not only fuller lips. It seems like her face is fuller too. Professionals also agree that the actress has of ‘ puncture ‘ of Sculptra in her face. Sculptra is an absorbable substance that works by stimulating the tissues and the production of collagen, helping to return the tissue density and increase the volume of the treated area. Her lips have also been affected by abuse surgery, and many attribute it to an abuse of another substance called Restylane treatment to plump lips.

Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery


And just when you think things couldn’t go worse, Lindsay Lohan comes back to show us with a before and after like this! Plastic surgery, drugs, and alcohol are no good when combined folks!

Lindsay Lohan botox

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