Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Surgery Botox Nose Job Boob Job


Megan Fox was a genuinely beautiful woman before plastic surgery. Before and after images show that she got a boob job, Botox, a nose job, lip injections and laser therapy.

Megan Fox has spent a lot of money on plastic surgery

According to in Touch magazine she’s spent an estimated $60,000 on it all. Unsurprisingly, Fox has been nicknamed the Queen of plastic surgeries.

Megan Fox plastic surgery

Megan Fox became world famous in 2007 when she was selected by Michael Bay to co-star Transformers with Shia LaBeouf. She was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Actress and three Teen Choice Awards including Best Actress in action/adventure, Best Actress and Best Lips awards. There’s no doubt that before plastic surgery she was one of the hottest actresses around.

Megan Fox before and after

Megan Fox botox

Evidence that Megan Fox got Botox injections

Even though it’s overwhelmingly obvious that she’s gotten dermabrasion, cheek and lip implants, Botox, breast implants, and a nose job, the 29-year-old claims to have never gotten plastic surgery of any kind. This before and after picture says otherwise though. Her skin looks bloated and frozen now.

Megan Fox botox

Nose Job speculation

The year that mainly exposes her nose job is in 2007. Before it, her nose had a tiny divot in the center of the tip. It is speculated that in 2009 she had a second plastic surgery by making her nose more pointed, and perhaps a third nose job by 2010.

Megan Fox plastic surgery

Megan Fox nose job

It can also be noticed that her lips were sexy already but now they are fuller and sexier! “Fox used fillers in her lips to give her the signature pout that has made her so easily identifiable” said Dr. J Walden Walden.

Megan Fox plastic surgery

Did Megan Fox get a boob job?

With a 34B cup, the roundness and perkiness of Megan Fox boobs indicate that there is a possible boob job. “The high riding, perky nature of Fox’s breasts is a give away for surgical enhancement” Dr. Anthony Youn pointed out.

Megan Fox breast implants


That’s the complete analysis on all of Megan Fox’s alleged plastic surgery. If you have any thoughts on any of this then please say so in the comments!

Megan Fox nose job

Megan Fox cosmetic surgery

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  1. she would be hotter if she was all natural. still hot though.

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