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Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Nose Job Boob Job Bra Size Before & After


Natalie Portman boob job and bra size rumors

It’s believed that Natalie Portman got a boob job in 2012, but later got them removed with breast reduction. Her normal bra size is a B cup, but while filming scenes for a new Terrence Malick film at a college game of American football, her bust looked much bigger than usual. This before and after picture shows the Black Swan star with what appears to be a D cup bra size! Natalie Portman has always been heralded for her natural beauty (minus perhaps her nose job), but she clearly took a different route here. While she never admitted to getting breast implants, I think it’s pretty safe to assume she had them. Her boobs are at lease 1 1/2 cup sizes bigger.

Natalie Portman boob job

Again, she got her breast implants removed after just 6 months of having them. With such naturally good looks as she has, it’s silly to alter your body. Also, if you boost your bra size from a B to a D cup, you’re going to fixate on your breasts too much. Even though she looks good with breast implants in, I think she made the right choice by getting them removed. She doesn’t need that bust to be beautiful!

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