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Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Nose Job Boob Job Bra Size Before & After


Natalie Portman plastic surgery rumors

A true natural beauty in Hollywood is Natalie Portman. There are plastic surgery rumors that she got a nose job as well as a boob job – there’s several before and after pictures to support it too.

Natalie Portman before and after

Did Natalie Portman get a nose job?

If she did in fact get a nose job, it would have been one of the subtlest nose jobs in Hollywood history. The best before and after pictures we have are from when she was 14 (just coming into fame) up until she was around age 20. Judging from the earlier photo, it looks as though her nose used to be bigger. The tip and lower bridge were wider by a few millimeters tops. Chances are that the plastic surgery merely sculpted the cartilage to give it a more petite look.

Natalie Portman nose job

The subtlest nose job in Hollywood…

It’s entirely possible that Natalie Portman didn’t get a nose job though. We all know that the nose can look different from when you were a kid or teenager. In fact, the nose grows throughout our entire lifetime – which is why some old people have larger noses than they used too. Her nose kind of did the Benjamin Button where it got smaller though. Her mature nose could have naturally taken that shape though.

Natalie Portman plastic surgery

Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t…

Perhaps we’ll never know for sure if she’s gotten a nose job. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me either way. All I know is that her nose looks absolutely incredible and it fits her face perfectly. The goal of plastic surgery is to achieve a natural looking result and surgeon did just that. Kudos to you Natalie Portman on a terrific looking nose plastic surgery or not!

Natalie Portman plastic surgery

It appears like the tip was slightly refined. If Natalie Portman did in fact get a nose job, the plastic surgeon should be awarded a medal!

Natalie Portman nose job

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