Rihanna Nose Job Boob Job Before And After Plastic Surgery


Rihanna nose job speculation has been around since she became famous. Before and after photos reveal her plastic surgery may include a boob job too. This singer was discovered by a talent scout at age 17 in her home town of the Barbados. She happened to be in the right place at the right time and literally went from small time local girl to one of the biggest pop divas in the world overnight. With that kind of fame comes rumors, gossip, and scandal though! Let’s get into the debate on what types of plastic surgery she may or may not have had.

Rihanna nose job

Rihanna nose job

Rihanna nose job before and after photos are basically littered across the internet. They wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t at least a possibility of some truth though, right? If she did indeed get a nose job it would have been incredibly subtle. The only visible changes are to the the tip and nothing to the bridge. It looks as though the tip was molded to look a little smaller and less rounded. I seems to have a slightly more petite/feminine look than it used to.

Rihanna nose job

Let’s have a closer look

A plastic surgeon actually drew in the contour lines of Rihanna’s nose before and after plastic surgery. You can see how they drew the tip as a smaller ball and how the bottom of the bridge (mid point) was brought in. For the most part the only change came from the cartilage in and around the tip.

Rihanna before and after

Did Rihanna actually get a nose job?

I honestly can’t say for sure if she got a nose job or not. The changes are so small and lighting seems to change in every before and after picture. Rihanna claims to have never gotten plastic surgery saying that she’s too afraid to go under the knife. Celebrities actually tell the truth sometimes! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that nose was all natural, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t either. The change is so subtle that it’s hard to definitively say one way or the other.

Rihanna plastic surgery

Rihanna boob job

Rihanna boob job rumors are just about as prevalent as the nose job rumors. While her bra size is only listed as a 32B, it looks more like a C cup to me. This Rihanna before and after photo shows her with no bra support as well as a lot of it. Even though she’s not wearing a bra in either picture, her boobs are getting a lot of support from that girdle. So it basically has the same effect of a bra.

Rihanna plastic surgery

Again, if Rihanna got breast implants it would have been for less than a cup size. Honestly, it looks as though she’s pushing her boobs up in every photo where you would think she got a boob job. Her bra size is clearly a 32B in every before picture and is apparently still listed as that. I think she sometimes likes to go all natural and let it sag, and other times she likes to glam it up. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just depends on what mood you’re in.

Rihanna breast implants

So, what’s the verdict?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Rihanna plastic surgery rumors are false. I really don’t think she got a nose job or breast implants. The changes in her nose are subtle enough that it could just be due to makeup and lighting. Also, it appears as though she’s wearing a girdle or push-up bra in every photo where her breasts look bigger. As I said before, Rihanna denied the plastic surgery allegations and I actually believe her. So, there you have it!

Rihanna boob job

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