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Scarlett Johansson Breast Reduction Bra Size Plastic Surgery & Nose Job Before After


Did Scarlett Johansson get a nose job?

Many people believe that Scarlett Johansson never got a nose job. She has firmly denied all of the plastic surgery allegations throughout her career. I can certainly understand why people would say her nose is all natural. You might think she just uses good makeup, it’s a trick of the light, or she just grew into her nose. But the reality is that there are subtle changes enough to make me think it’s not all natural.

First of all, the bridge of her nose used to be thicker all the way up to the brow. This didn’t go well with her delicate features i.e. her perfectly shaped eyes, full lips, or apple shaped face. Also, the tip used to look rather bulbous which gave her the unfortunate “piggy nose” look. I chalk the changes up to subtle plastic surgery. I would honestly say that Scarlett Johansson got one of the best celebrity nose jobs of all time. If people firmly believe that she never even got a nose job then you definitely did something right.

Scarlett Johansson nose job

Scarlett Johansson before and after

The reason it’s so hard to tell if she definitely got a nose job is because the same basic shape and contour was kept in tact. It was literally just decreased a tiny bit in size which gives her more of a “lady like” nose.

Scarlett Johansson before and after

Scarlett Johansson nose job


I would lean more on the side that Scarlett Johansson got a boob job then later got breast reduction surgery. Also, it looks like she got an incredibly subtle nose job. I give the breast reduction a B- and the nose job an A+. Even though she firmly denies and plastic surgery and even sued US Weekly in trying to validate her point, it appears like she went under the knife.

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