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Scarlett Johansson Breast Reduction Bra Size Plastic Surgery & Nose Job Before After


It’s believed that Scarlett Johansson got a boob job around age 20 and then later got breast reduction surgery just a few years ago. She has denied any and all plastic surgery rumors her whole career though. There’s also been speculation on whether or not she got a nose job early on. I can understand both beliefs, so we’ll dive into it and see if we can’t make up our minds on whether or not she’s gotten plastic surgery.

Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery

Did Scarlett Johansson get a breast reduction?

It would seem like common sense that Scarlett Johansson got a breast reduction. Her bra size went from a 32DD to a 34B, so you would think she underwent the procedure. However, she says the fluctuation in her bra size is merely due to weight loss. In fact, US Weekly published an article stating that she’s gotten plastic surgery since she was a teenager and she fired back by suing them. She was trying to prove a point that she’s always been honest with her fans and doesn’t want people to believe that she’s gotten plastic surgery when she hasn’t – supposedly.

Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery

Did Scarlett Johansson get a boob job and later get them removed?

Many fans and doctors believe this to be true. Even if she’s 15 lbs heavier in the left picture it doesn’t explain how her bra size is literally 2 cups smaller. People don’t gain and lose 2 cup sizes with that small of a weight fluctuation.

Scarlett Johansson boob job

Again, you can see that she has quite a bit more body fat in the red dress. Her breast size would naturally change a bit, but I don’t know about 2 cup sizes. What do you think?

Scarlett Johansson bra size

Scarlett Johansson bra size

Here we can see a full body shot of Scarlett Johansson after her alleged breast reduction surgery. A 32DD to a 34B is a pretty big shift in one’s bra size.

Scarlett Johansson breast reduction

Scarlett Johansson breast reduction

What’s the verdict?

Honestly, it’s hard to say for sure either way. I would probably lean a bit more on the side that she got a boob job then later got breast reduction surgery. It’s hard to say with absolute certainty though.

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