Selena Gomez Boob Job & Nose Job Plastic Surgery


Selena Gomez boob job rumors surfaced after the singer’s bra size dramatically increased by a full cup overnight! Plastic surgery experts say she got a nose job as well. Before and after photos suggest that this innocent looking star has actually gotten plastic surgery twice. We’ll examine the difference in her breast size as well as her nose.

Selena Gomez breast implants

Selena Gomez new bra size

Selena Gomez was seen braless during an afternoon stroll in 2014. The only thing was that her boobs seemed to have magically gotten twice as big. Her bra size went from a small B cup to a full C overnight! If you examine her body frame and see how she used to look, it’s a no brainer that she got breast implants. Her boobs are full and round now. They’re literally barely able to stay in that tank top even without a bra. There’s no padding or any Victoria’s Secret gimmicks to make her boobs look bigger. Those are how they look in their natural, ehem, unnatural state.

Selena Gomez plastic surgery

This before and after photo shows Selena Gomez at a rather young age. You can see the dramatic transformation though.

Selena Gomez before and after

Expert opinion

Dr. Shifren offered his opinion and agrees that Selena Gomez got her boob job. He spoke about exactly what he thinks went down in the surgery room,

“My guess would be that she had something in the 350-400 CC size range. The quality of the surgery is hard to asses being that the patient is clothed and it is too early to evaluate the final results.”

Selena Gomez boob job

Selena Gomez breast implants scar

Whenever you get breast implants done, the implant is typically inserted under the armpit. In order to do this, a small incision is made in that area (gross I know). This zoomed in photo shows what appears to be a scar where an implant would normally be inserted! Honestly, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Selena Gomez got a boob job. I mean, she pretty much played a prostitute in “Spring Breaker.” So, she’s not as innocent as be portrays her self to be with that baby face. Perhaps she spruced up her body with some breast implants no to long before that movie started casting. It would be the perfect time when someone would want to show off their new body.

Selena Gomez breast implants

Selena Gomez plastic surgery

Selena Gomez nose job

Selena Gomez nose job rumors have been around for years, but there’s no definitive proof. She’s always had a bulbous looking nose. The tip is wide, slightly round, and the bridge is slanted a bit. This isn’t your typical nose for a super star singer/actress, but she makes it work. This Selena Gomez before and after photo shows how the bridge of her nose may be a little straighter now. Although, I personally think it looks almost the same. I think she 90% got breast implants and 10% got a nose job. There’s just not enough firm evidence to definitively say she a nose job.

Selena Gomez nose job

Again, I think her nose looks the same in both the before and after picture. The reason I added the nose job section this article is because TONS of people want to know if she even got one. It’s always been a question and I thought I’d add a place where I could offer my opinion. I don’t think Selena Gomez got a nose job, but as I said before, she almost certainly got a boob job.

Selena Gomez nose job

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