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Taylor Swift Boob Job Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before & After


Did Taylor Swift get a nose job?

Once again, Taylor Swift has denied getting plastic surgery of any kind. It’s believed by many experts that she got a subtle nose job to thin out the tip and bridge. It’s pretty obvious that her nose looks wider and the tip is more bulbous in the before picture. She has a much thinner and petite looking nose now.

Taylor Swift before and after

I believe that if she did get a nose job then it was extremely minor. The beauty of this plastic surgery is that she doesn’t at all have your traditional Hollywood type nose. I love it when famous stars/sex icons have a unique nose that fits her face. The sexiest noses are the ones that fit like a glove on one’s face, not your prototypical pencil thin nose. Again, I commend Taylor Swift on all of her plastic surgery (boob job and nose job); that is if she even got any!

Taylor Swift nose job

It’s so hard to tell because her nose has the same shape in both the before and after picture. It’s still a little wide and bulbous, but not as much. Could it just be makeup and contouring though? It’s though to say…

Taylor Swift plastic surgery


I’m not sure, nor is any expert, if Taylor Swift has gotten plastic surgery. If she got a boob job it was just to increase her bra size by a cup. If she got a nose job then it was incredibly subtle and not intended to get her a factory made Hollywood nose. Overall, I think she 90% got a boob job and 40% got a nose job.

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