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Taylor Swift Boob Job Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before & After


Taylor Swift boob job rumors were sparked when her bra size went from an A cup to a B. It’s also believed that she got a nose job, but no other plastic surgery than that. This article will go into great detail on both of these alleged procedures. There’s no definitive evidence on whether or not she got any plastic surgery at all, but we have plenty of before and after photos to help you make up your mind. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these celebrity plastic surgery pics!

Did Taylor Swift get a boob job?

Taylor Swift stepped outside to do some shopping one day and had what appeared to be much larger than normal boobs. Her bra size had always been an A cup, but it miraculously became a B cup! Some experts believe she got a secret boob job while others think she just wears a padded bra.

Taylor Swift boob job

This before and after photo reveals that Taylor Swift’s breast size is a cup bigger even without a bra on. She has virtually no cleavage in the before picture.

Taylor Swift boob job

She’s never admitted to getting a boob job and probably never will. You can’t deny that her bra size is a full cup size bigger in the after photos though. If Taylor Swift did in fact get breast implants then I commend her for being subtle about it. Any good plastic surgeon will advise a woman against doing more than a cup size. Also, her breasts look completely natural as a B cup.

Taylor Swift breast implants

I thought we’d throw in one more before and after picture of that padded bra. While I think she’s undoubtedly wearing a fancy bra, it doesn’t take away from the fact that she still could have gotten plastic surgery. The recovery time on breast implants is fast – you can be back to work in less than a week. So, it would have been easy for her to chill at home for a bit while settling into her new boobs. I can’t say she got them for sure (nor can anyone other than Taylor Swift or her alleged plastic surgeon), but it sure looks like it.

Taylor Swift boob job

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