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Tiffani Amber Thiessen Plastic Surgery Breast Implants


The experts weigh in

Dr. Sherrell J. Aston weighed in on the Tiffani Amber Thiessen plastic surgery debate and had this to say:

In my opinion Tiffani Amber Thiessen indeed had plastic surgery. Based on her before and after photos, it appears that she has undergone breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. She could also be using fillers such as Restylane and or Juvederm.

Tiffani Thiessen plastic surgery

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  1. It is obvious when she showed up with the new pair in the last thing they filmed on Saved by the Bell, which was the Wedding in Las Vegas TV movie. Before that, probably an A cup in the College Years, after, a very bubbly C cup. Too bad, her natural breasts fit her body and look better.

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